Quick Answers to Cancer

Quick Answers to Cancer
How you can make them!
Proven legendary Cancer Remedies
Unprecedented in the history of Science, that prevent & heal cancer!

History has watched in awe as legendary Cancer remedies are introduced by THE GREATEST MEDICAL TEAMS EVER ASSEMBLED... Only to be branded as Quacks for not conforming to the medical protocol of a multi-billion dollar a year publication control industry.  Here are some of those answers and how to make them yourself.

“Wake up,” said Jeffrey Harsh, PHD in one of his Television documentaries, "if anyone you love is suffering from heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, memory problems—don't miss this!" He then proceeded to document an amazing outpouring of new cures and some of the old proven cures, which have been covered up by the drugs cartel.  Here are some of the answers, which are unprecedented in the history of Science.


I am not asking you to buy any book.  Rather, I want to give you, on this web site, information on how to make your own cancer remedies. If I manufacture them, and sell or give them away, the medical cartel will shut me down in no time.  So I am going to show you how to, as the bible said, “Physician, heal thyself.” (Luke 4-23)  So you can be your own physician and make your own remedies from herb suppliers.  (You may want to copy this article, for we do not know how long it will be allowed to stay on the Internet.)


I was spurred to do this research when I watched my mother die a horrible death of cancer.  She was an educated woman, who read a book a day.  She understood the world’s political and economic controllers, who operate behind the politicians.  However she did not connect that to the medical industry of Cancer, which killed her.  She did not understand who were really the quacks and who were the good guys in white hats.


Why “Quack Answers To Cancer?”  Before I give you some of the “how to make your own cancer remedies,” let me give you a background of the word “Quack,” which came from the word quack silver used in Germany.


In the last century, Quack silver, otherwise known as mercury, was used to treat syphilis by the allopaths in the last century in Europe.  In many cases, the side effects were death.  Then along came the homeopaths and they cured syphilis, with no side effects.  So the Allopaths, the drug doctors, were called quack doctors because they used mercury. They developed a bad reputation in Europe.  They did not want this reputation to carry over into the United States, so they created a medical war against the alternative doctors.


Then, to protect themselves and their reputation in the US, they hired lobbyists and did massive advertising in the mid 20-century.  As a consequence, the alternative practitioners were branded as quacks. Yes they called them what they were called in Europe: quacks.  Hitler must have learned from them when he said, “The bigger the lie the more people believe it.”

Allopathic Medicine’s full name is “toxic molecular allopathic medicine.”  Opposite treats like. In other words, give the body a poison to cause the body to react and heal itself.  Its foundation is out of witchcraft.  Ever wonder why physicians use the snake on a pole for a logo?

Holistic Medicine uses like treats like.  One heals from the inside out, rather than driving the problem/disease deeper into the body.  Listen to the side effects of many of the pharmaceutical drugs advertised on TV.  The law requires them to tell the side effects.  Poor grandmother, the operation was a great success but the patent died.

Remember the three great lies.

  • The check is in the mail.
  • I will respect you in the morning.
  • I work for the government and I am interested in your health and want to help you.