How to duplicate Homeopath Remedies

 You have a Homeopathic remedy that really works, but you are running out.

Here is how to duplicate it!


* Get an amber dropper bottle and fill with: 80% distilled water and 20% vodka.

* Take bottle A (the original one) and bottle B (the one you want duplicated).

Put 10 drops from bottle A into bottle B, then hold both bottles in your one hand and beat the other hand with them 50 times.  This is called succussioning.

This is one of the main secrets to homeopathy. The theory is: when you succussion, time stands still for a split second as you hit the hands together.  It is some sort of quantum physics thing.

This might sound like smoke and mirrors, but I will give you a logical explanation.

Homeopathy is nothing more than information telling your body what to do, or how to correct itself.  It’s like a CD for a computer.  The body does the healing. We are made in the image of God. We may be a fallen being, but there is still a mind-blowing wonder of fantastic wiring, still in our subconscious. 


Here is an example.  It happened to me.  I was on my way to Bolder, Colorado, from Denver.  My hay fever was causing me to be real snot.  My nose was running down my face and my eyes were not much better.  I stopped in Broomfield, at a liquor store, and bought a small bottle of vodka to make a remedy.  I went out in front of the liquor store and picked some ragweed in the bar ditch.  I already knew I was allergic to ragweed.  Then I put the ragweed into a separate bottle and filled it with vodka.

This I succussioned 50 times. (Call it S&M medicine, because you’re beating it hard on the other hand)  Then I poured out 90% and refilled it with vodka. I again succussioned it 50 times.

I did this a total of 12 times.  Now I have a remedy at 12X.  (Normally one would use 20% vodka with 80% distilled water.)

Now I put 10 drops under my tongue.  And bingo!!  My nose stopped running and I did not have any more problems for weeks.  I continued the drops for several days.

What took place was the remedy gave the body information and now the body was able to correct the problem.  It is similar to giving the body a wanted poster to find the bad guys.  The body now knows how to make antibodies to fight my allergy, or with other cases to find bacteria, heavy metals, or industrial or food chemicals which we will call the bad guys.  The antibody attaches itself to the bad guys.  Now the T cells come into play.  When they find the antibody attached to the bad guys, the T cells act as a gunship in Star Wars, and destroy the bad guys.


The only problem was the women who sold me the vodka.  She was standing at the front door watching me.  She had her phone in her hand and I was sure she was calling the loony bin to come and pick me up.  So I quickly left; how would one explain that to a cop.