How You can make your own Black Salve

  • 25% Bloodroot powder.

*   25%  Galangal Root powder

  • 50% Zinc Chloride.
  • You can add some Virgin Olive Oil to make it gentler to non-tumor skins, if you like.

Mix it up in a wooden or ceramic bowl, not using a metal stirring device. To use on the face, cut the Zinc Chloride in half.  One can also mix some DMSO for better penetration.


WARNING if you are going to take this internally as Cancer prevention, do not use the ZINK CHLORIDE!     The size of a pea, once or twice per day would be a good protocol for Cancer Prevention.



     Here is your private invitation to preview the life-changing results from this historic “Quack answers to Cancer” and how you can make them yourself!


Black salve, otherwise known as Indian mud, or Compound X, is an effective remedy for removing all kinds of growths.


     There is nothing new about this silver bullet. It has been used by the American Indians for over 300 years for removing skin cancers and tumors. Go to Goggle and type in Black Salve. There are all kinds of info.  Be careful what you believe.  Remember the Jimmy Jones and his Guyana followers. There probably was 95 % truth in his teaching.  But that 5%, which was the poisonous Kool-Aid, killed his followers. “Watch out for the Kool-Aid.  It comes on the heels of truth”. I coined that statement and you are welcome to use it. You see it every day in TV media coverage.


     Now to find out which Black salve, of those being sold on the Internet, really works.  I ordered from four different manufacturers of black Salve.  There was only one that really worked.  Then the FDA closed that women’s product down and threatened her if she kept making it.  The rest they left alone; it served their purpose to allow the sale and distribution of a product that had little more effect on cancer, than Vaseline.  (It may have had five percent Bloodroot, if any.)

     The secret, in Black salve, is the Bloodroot. It needs to be at least twenty to twenty-five percent bloodroot.  And could be more.


     You can buy these herbs there are several herb companies, such as Frontier Herbs. Phone 800 669-3275


     Also San Francisco Herbs: 800-227-4530. Orders, questions, catalogs, customer service.


     There are many others you can order from on goggle.


     If you would rather save your time in research, we have prepared a kit to put together of the different herbs, so you can make it yourself.  The information is free.

We are only selling you herbs, enough to make a quarter of a pound of black salve.

$36.00 total, including the freight.

785 672-5503

501 Highway 83, Oakley, KS 67748

     With some people, the real Black salve can be a hard-hitting remedy.  One should use only a very little on the affected area, just a thin coat.

     You may want to put Vaseline around the unaffected areas so as not to cause any skin damage, remembering to use just a thin amount on growth areas.

Place a bandage over area and leave for a week.


Originally I became introduced to Black salve when a man came to me after a lecture I had given at the National Health Federation yearly convention.  At the time I was on the Board of Governors.  He related how he was sent home to die of Cancer from the doctors.

He started taking Black salve internally twice a day.  He took an amount about the size of half a pea.  He said it healed him and he gave me a free bottle that he was now making.  I tried taking a bit internally to see its effect on my body as a test.  I also used it on some sun tumors, which I had on my arm and face.  It removed them.  At first I thought it caused an infection in my skin.  But then I realized it was only the body rejecting the tumor that was dying and that the rest of the skin was not affected.  It is a good idea not to pick at it, but rather to let the salve do its work.  That’s hard to do!  To leave it alone!


I found the salve needed to be taken with food in the stomach, and not on an empty stomach.

Also, it tasted like eating out of the cat’s sand box, so I put it into a gel capsule.  I did this as a test and also as a preventive modality.


From personal experience and observation let me say that, if you heal yourself of cancer, be careful to whom you tell your healing story.  I know of young man who had a miracle from God, Who healed him of cancer.  He went back to the well known hospital and

 was deliberately over exposed to radiation and he died.