How to make colloidal Silver and other minerals in the engstrom form

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                Colloidal Silver and how to make it.


We want to share with you how to make Colloidal Silver.  Don’t let your silver touch the water, but rather send the desired mineral through an arc of electricity to the water. Note illustration.


How does that work?

The mineral will travel through the arc and into the water.  Now you have colloidal silver, or other minerals so small that the body can process them.

First let us tell you how not to make Colloidal Silver which is the battery way.  The battery has both positive and negative wires attached to silver and it is placed into the water.

 It makes too big of particles and can, over a period of time, overload the liver with silver particles.  Shine a laser light through this process and you will be able to see the particles.  The particles are too big.

In order for any mineral to be effective, it needs to be engstrom size.  You cannot see it with the naked eye.  This is the way plants supply minerals to the body.  If it is bigger than that, it will end up in the toilet.  The body cannot process big particles of minerals.

I wanted to create minerals, which the body would utilize.  It took me months to figure this out.  I had to ask a lot of questions from those smarter than me, and I had to run a lot of tests.  You are welcome to use this information for yourself and your family.  You may even want to start a business selling minerals.  All I ask is for you to be fair with your pricing.

When one shares their gifts and knowledge, God lets more come back to them.  When one hoards their knowledge and merchandise their gifts, they become like the Dead Sea.  Everything flows in and nothing flows out.  As a naturopath I did not charge my patients, but I would take donations.  Healing is a calling, not a business.  However, some of my doctor friends said: “Jeffrey, if you don’t charge your patient, the patient feels there is no value to your treatment; they blow off your treatment and advice.”  They may be right.  So, it is your call.


Here is how to make any colloidal mineral


Get a Neon Transformer from 6000 to 15000 volts.  The bigger the Transformer, the faster working.  But it can shock you harder.

So don’t touch it when powered up, or you will get a good shock.

The transformer has one electrode on each end.  It is not a hot lead and a neutral; nor like DC current, which has a positive and negative.  Both ends of the transformer are hot.

(See picture below) You can buy these at a sign supply house.



Above is the type of wire you want to use. It is important that you use a heavy wire made for this transformer so as not to get shocked or to set a fire.


1.     Cut off two three-foot links and strip the insulation off as shown and attach to each end of the transformer.

2.     Then attach an alligator clip on the other two ends.

     3.  Now take either end as the ground and clip the alligator to a strip of platinum, or, to save money, to a Molybdenum rod or wire.

     4.  Now place the rod into the distilled water, not allowing the alligator clip to touch the water.

     5.   With the wire you have left, attach the alligator clip to the silver rod (or other minerals you want to make).

     6.   Now for the final step.  Place the silver, not in the water, but rather about ¼ to ½ inches away from the water and plug in your transformer.  Adjust it so the spark jumps into the water.

          Let is run for twelve to 24 hours and you now have the best there is on the market.

  • Do not use a metal container. The best is an old crock or something out of glass. I have in the past used a five gallon plastic bucket.  Not any more, I have found there are cancer-causing toxins from plastic when heated.  (See John Hopkins University speaks out!!) Because of the spark, be careful not to place the unit where something can catch fire.

“A picture describes a thousand words.” We are making Gold water so as to sleep better at night and quicken the brain and memory. We are using a 1/10 oz. .999% pure gold Canadian coin. We can make a thousand gallons of Gold water and hardly see any loss in size of the coin.

If you do not want to hunt down all the parts to make your own mineral water machine and find the minerals, we are offering a starting package for you at $279.00. You get what you see here except for the water container.


That’s not all you will receive.  You also get the following.                     

  1. One               *    a Parts Per Million HM digital meter!  

  • Silver: .999%
  • Two Molybdenum rods, one for ground rod!: .99%
  • Chromium: .99% pure
  • Boron: .995% Pure
  • Copper: .99% Pure
  • Iron: .9995% Pure
  • Manganese: .999% pure
  • Zinc: .99 pure
  • Magnesium: .99% pure 
  • You get the Mineral machine kit, which is the wiring, alligator clips, the stand and reconditioned ballast. (Shipping is $29.00)
  • or 785 672-3141 for orders or information.

Here are some more tips for you building your own mineral machine if you decide not to purchase our offer.

  • In the past, I used the flexible stem of a night lamp. Take it off the lamp and attach it to the frame.  Then attach one wire from the ballast.  That way one can adjust the spark to the water.  You do not want the silver touching the water.  The minerals travel through the spark, and into the water. That is why they become so small.  If the silver, or other metals, touches the water it will be thousands of times too big and mess up your liver.
  • You can make a hundred gallons of silver and not even see any difference in the silver rod. But you can taste it. It taste like lemon.

If you are going to do this professionally, build a sheetrock box around the unit for fire protection.  Do not put a cloth over the water to keep the bugs out, or it could catch fire.  The water level will go down every six hours.  Unplug and readjust the spark gap.

It is very important that one use pure minerals, minerals which are at least .99% pure.  This prevents one from getting harmful minerals such as lead or cabneum, which may be blended with minerals.

Alfa Aesar is one supply house, which one can trust.  They are expensive, but good.  Their phone number is 800 343-0660. Ask them to send you their 08 and 09 catalogue.

This is a Parts per million meter!

100 to 300 parts per million is a good range to make your mineral water.  This meter will tell you how strong your mineral water is, and when to turn it off and bottle it.

You are not going to believe how good these minerals will be for your body.


There are two bible verses which are apropos to this web site.


 “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. (John 8-32)

 “ Physician, heal thyself”  (Luke 4:23)