What Causes Cancer & How Cancer Research Should Be Redirected!

What Causes Cancer & How Cancer Research Should Be Redirected!


The body’s Autonomic Nervous System, the dispatch office of the body, is blocked.  Now the body’s ANS cannot identify the cancer caused by environmental, industrial or food toxins.  Ideally, the body’s ANS will notify the part of the brain that dispatches the antibodies, so the immune system can complete its function.  Fungi and parasites can also block the ANS.  So, what is cause and what is effect????  I am not sure.  The body’s ANS is a full circle, multidimensional matrix, with at least six different dimensions.

But let’s KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and cut to the chase on what we DO understand.  In World War II, the ally’s bombers would throw out strips of tinfoil to jam the German Radar.


Here are three protocols for treating Cancer.  We need to unblock the radar of the body’s immune system.  The most important one is number three.


  1. Since toxins are one of the problems, let’s detoxify the body.  Google “detoxifying the body” and you will find loads of information.
  2. Go after the fungi and parasites!

In 1993 Dr Hulda Clark, Ph.D. wrote an amazing book, "The Cure for all Cancers."  In 1995 she wrote an equally amazing book, "The Cure for all Diseases."  In both books, Hulda Clark claims, “all diseases are caused by a parasite plus a pollutant.”  She also claims that it is relatively easy to kill the parasite and remove the pollutant.  Her books have case histories with evidence to the truth of her findings.

Hulda and I used to speak at the National Health Federation conferences.  I got to know her well.  She is a real person with a heart of gold.  But the main thing I observed about her was her ability to cut through all the medical chatter and find the heart of the medical problem.  She was also gifted, like Nicola Tesla, with insight from God.

One can Google Hulda Clark.  She has a great book on parasites.  She also has the plans on how to make a Royal Rife frequency generator, or you can purchase one from her.


A frequency generator (sometimes inaccurately referred to as a "rife machine") is a research instrument based on the pioneering research of Dr. Royal Rife.  It is

used by experimenters, both practitioners and private users alike, in an attempt to

destroy  pathogens.

Its workings are based on frequency, or hertz, that is, so many pulses per second.



Royal Rife Universal Microscope:

The Universal Microscope was one of Royal Rife's biggest accomplishments.  Rife used this scope to figure out all the frequencies he used to zap disease microbes.


1950’s Rife Ray Tube Instrument:

This is the 1950’s Rife Ray Tube Instrument Replica made by Allied Industries, one of only 5 ever produced.



Every virus, fungus, and parasite has a frequency, which will destroy it.  The Rife Generator directs a specific frequency directly into the body with metal footplates, or with glass tubes filled with orgone gas.

I have bought and tested many of these: “box of rocks.”  A lot of them are hype,

smoke and mirrors, and over-priced.   But the principle has great merit for medical




Below is a more recent model of the Royal Rife generator

now on the market.  I do not know how well this one works.


The one system that I found got great results was the Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator.  It came out in the 1950’s.  When it was turned on, the radio reception was blocked for miles.

I bought a copy from a fellow named Clark Kent.  He had a business called “Super Science” and he looked just like Superman.  His Oscillator really did “kick butt” medically.  I got fantastic results in testing.  However, the FDA shut him down with threats of imprisonment.

Ed Skilling from Idaho was also was a fantastic developer in this field.  However, the FDA also confiscated all his electronics and destroyed them.  These men were personal friends of mine and I personally witnessed and shared their trauma.  We jokingly referred to the FDA as the Faster Death Association, like the boys with the black suits and helicopters and all that stuff.

Dr Gary Gordon M.D. of California had a Million dollar a year alternative medical practice.  In an interview I had with him, he stated, “The FDA broke into my clinic with gun drawn.“  Gordon asked the officers, “Did you come to arrest my Vitamin C?”



This is a newer version of what Clark Kent made, that sold for $300.00.  The new company sells this one for over $3000.00.

The following is probably the most important of the three

  1. With the radar detection of the immune system working correctly, since we have followed steps one and two, let’s go to the most important of the three.  This one has the ability to give the defense system “a wanted poster” to seek out and destroy the bad guys, where they live in the body tissue.

It’s not chemotherapy nor radiation, which have never been approved by the FDA.  So what are the answers?  One might be Black Salve, which is made up of bloodroot and Galangal Root.  It has the ability to give the defense system a wanted poster to seek out and destroy cancer.  Nosode Homeopathic remedies also have the same ability.  Homeopathy gives information to the body so it can correct itself.  It acts as the sp ware for the body’s computer, the Brain.  Should cancer research be centered on this premise? rather than a direct approach of attacking cancer like chemo or surgery?  We would not have several decades of nonproductive cancer research; we need “outside of the box” research on ways and modalities that alert the body's spy ware to correct itself.  The direct approach is the premise of allopathic medicine, the “cut, burn, and poison method.” America has pawned this off on the rest of the world as the only scientific answer to save us from the apocalypse of disease.  Any other studies in the past have been branded as quack, snake oil.

It can be compared to Fanny May, Fanny Max, and the Ponzi scam which bankrupted Greenland.  But it’s in the medical world.  We need to think outside the box.  Can we dare to venture outside the box? to tell the body how to correct itself and go on attack, rather than attack the body?

In the past, grant money for Cancer Research has been offered through the government with politically controlled agendas to “stay in the box.”

Now everything is changed.  The majority of Grants are given from private foundations with no vested interest in “the billion dollar medical industry.”

Cancer research Grant writers need to concentrate on the top 1000 foundations which last year gave away over fifty billion dollars.



By Jeffrey Joseph Harsh PHD